OBEY on sale this week!

OBEY is on sale for under $10 through April 7th at 10:00am Pacific — for those enjoying an extended holiday weekend, or in the middle of Spring Break, it’s a great time to jump (back) in and run a few rounds with friends in a multiplayer experience unlike any other out there!

OBEY adds “Watchtowers”!

Something has been missing in OBEY: a viable way to win as a snitch!
Enter the watchtower! Watchtowers are a way that robo can reliably pay a snitch to stay put and watch for attackers. It simply drops the given autopay every 37 seconds. So now there is a way for a snitch to earn a reliable income, and possibly win if he plays his hand right.

NOTE to newer players:
Sometimes new players get frustrated when a a different player plays as a snitch, making it seemingly impossible to subvert. There are ways to counter a snitch:

  • Obtain a pointer before making a break for it. If the snitch sees you and starts pointing you out, make your own arrows in wrong places to throw robo off.
  • Subvert from behind or the side of robo, grabbing items on your way to climb robo and drop down in front of the door for an instant subvert
  • Trick robo into thinking that the snitch is about to win, and get him to kill or remove/reduce the snitch’s autopay.
  • Whisper to the snitch that you will give him major cash if he lets you subvert (use /w to type a whisper)

Other significant changes include:

  • Robo’s HUD now displays what buttons you can press when you hover over anything
  • A/D no longer change autopay directly. You have to LOOK at the feedbox you want to change, or the watchtower. Hence, you can also set different autopay on different feedboxes if a map has more than 1.
  • Added Polish and Dutch languages
  • Permanent “trophies” that will show by your name if you place in tournaments! (past winners let the me or the mods know so we can mark you with some 🙂 )
  • Tons of bug fixes and improvements!

Comprehensive changelist (v .44r0):

  • added ‘watchtower’ map element. It can be used to pay snitches, and draw them to a location.
  • added context menus for robo to help know at all times what keys do what
  • added autopay can no longer just be set with a/d, robo must now look at feedbox/watchtower and press a/d to set it
  • added different feedboxes (and watchtowers) can now have their autopay set individually
  • added reduced sensitivity/increased precision to robo mouse during zoom (feels more comfy now to zoom + look)
  • added reduced sensitivity/increased precision to pointer as you look down it’s reticle
  • added directional indicator to pointer arrows for robo, robo will now clearly see where a snitch indicates
  • added directional indicator to watchtowers for robo
  • added watchtower to all maps (note: all watchtower positions subject to balancing changes or removal)
  • added minerals to official maps
  • added cover in tributary near obeying areas & inreased feedbox distance to make it slightly easier to escape
  • added sound effects to main menu chat so you can hear if humans are typing or mentioning your name
  • added in-game hint “You have turned off the robot’s passive income!” if you press the powerplant button
  • added in-game hint “Autopay above 4 gives bunnies higher profit than you.” the first time you set > 100 autopay
  • added in-game hint “Your reign ended.” on subversion
  • added when dropship is crashing, the interior sound pitch of the engines now slowly rises
  • added when you are in a dropship and it crashes, your screen will flash white
  • added Polish language! Thank you Milord!!! ^_^
  • added Dutch language! Thank you Dannyiscool4! ^_^
  • added /scores command. It can be used to get the final score tally from a past match
  • added /tourney command. It can be used to get tallied score totals from past matches
  • added /playerid command. Prints your playerID (stored in playerPrefs.txt which is used to track your stats)
  • added /trophy mod command. It can be used to assign a special public rankings to players
  • added /ptt # mod command. A moderator can now force a client into push to talk mode
  • added /allmute # mod command. A moderator can now mute a player for everyone
  • added /allunmute # mod command. A moderator can now unmute a player for everyone
  • added /clear command. It clears the log text on the left of the screen
  • added better feedback to map author if they forget to add spawn points
  • feedboxes/powerplants no longer need to be associated to a robo. If association is not specified, nearest is used.
  • reduced default dropshipChanceToCrashMod to 8000, to make it a little easier to crash
  • fixed bug where it was possible to put emplacements on map elements like feedbox/powerplant etc
  • fixed bug where locked/passworded servers would not display correctly in the server list
  • fixed no ambient sound in tutorial
  • fixed rare bug where it was possible to have a recurring overtime with the money goal crazily rising
  • fixed bug in the tutorial where messages would stop popping up if you esc or tab out.
  • fixed bug where a server running a long time would spam the master server
  • fixed visual bug that if you put your camera inside robo it looks less broken now.
  • fixed visual bug where ghost placement indicators would sometimes not scroll at the correct speed
  • fixed bug where ghost placement indicators could show in the dropship
  • fixed bug where robo gun windup and winddown sounds would not play
  • fixed minor error generation on smoke and spark particle random seed
  • fixed minor visual bug in mine, light, and sensor placement indicators
  • fixed minor visual bug in dropship lights
  • fixed minor visual tweak on spark particles
  • fixed minor excessive flare update logging in game and tutorial
  • updated Unity to 5.5.1f1
  • updated NGUI ver to 3.11.2
  • lowered main menu music volume

Big Update!!

Hey everybody ^_^!!

So some big updates are just in!
Both the dropship code and the way sounds are handled in OBEY have been largely rewritten:

The main dropship change is that it no longer relies on the 30 second mark. IT CAN NOW LITERALLY BE CRASHED AT ANY TIME!
Yes, it is even possible to crash it just before it lands as it hovers over the drop area (this is very difficult to do, though). Take a look below:

The dropship monitor shows 3 things:
– The time until drop
– The chance of a normal delivery
– The “weight imbalance”

To be able to crash at any moment, the dropship ‘rolls a dice’ every 2 seconds to see if it should crash. The “weight imbalance” shows the chance to crash each tick. The ‘chance of normal delivery’ is that chance, calculated over how many ticks are left until landing.

Another big change to the dropship is that what the robot buys now spawns behind this area here:

The key to this is that anything that is behind that area counts towards the BALANCE of the ship! This area is not easy for the bunnies to reach, and therefore robo can try to counter imbalance caused by bunnies by buying more things!

Some other important changes include major optimizations in sound effects, and also that autopay can now be set up to 200¢ː

To help make clear how much a ¢ directive is worth, green ¢ː means 25-100, and cyan ¢ː means 125 – 200. Finally, their size helps distinguish their value (bigger = higher value);

Here is a comprehensive list of the changes:

The dropship can now be crashed at any time if it exists (no more 30 second time limit).
Items bought by robo are now protected behind a barrier, and serve to BALANCE the dropship.
increased weight of bunnies (was 2, now 4)
dropship monitor now displays “chance to successfully deliver” and “weight imbalance”.
robo’s dropship timer now turns red if the chance to deliver is less than 70% (used to be red for < 30 secs)
* removed text indicator for bunnies to know if dropship was purchased by robo.
* money directives can now be worth up to 200¢
* money directives now bigger if worth more, smaller if worth less.
* money directives that are green are worth between 25-100, cyan are worth 125-200
* feedbox can now be set to pay up to 200¢
 * major rework & optimization to audio. Having many sounds play should have much less fps impact
* added roboWeightBias server setting, a weight modifier for things in the balance area   (default .4)
* added bunnyWeight server setting. It is now possible to set the weight of bunnies      (default 4).
* added dropshipChanceToCrashMod server setting. Higher number = more difficult to    crash dropship (default 7000)
* slightly extended dropship time over the drop area by .5 secs
* getting subverted now plays a deactivation sfx
* fixed divide by zero bug in AI calculations
* updated loading screen tip related to crashing the ship
* numerous minor tweaks

enjoy ^_^

OBEY adds Steam Cards, Badges, Backgrounds, Emoticons!

Hi Everybody!

As of today, OBEY will now grant collectible OBEY Steam cards to your Steam Inventory!

Matching a set of OBEY cards can be used to craft OBEY badges, emoticons, and backgrounds.
Creating them required the completion of 55 individual art assets
I made them all myself, just for YOU!


enjoy ^_^

OBEY at Arisia + updates

Had a great show at Arisia this Sunday!
OBEY was featured on Hardcoregamer.com

On the dev side – December and January have been big months, with more big things out of the way.

The terrain setup is pretty much complete, with void integration added that makes the game feel a lot more polished and finished in my opinion:

Void integration

The addition of laser sentries:

and the addition of death cam!  (finally!)


Hi Everyone!


After 3 months of intense coding…
I am happy to announce that the first version of OBEY with shippable AI is now in place! 😀
AI can use the robot, and a huge amount AI bugs have been fixed.
There is still more to do, but (unless serious bugs are found) I will now be moving on to issues directly related to getting more players into OBEY.

A special thanks to all of you who have helped me test the AI thus far ^_^

In this video I talk a little bit about the AI and how it works (sorry for poor stream quality):

Here’s me messing with the AI with JackBootedThug:

The great news is that there are no more tasks as difficult as the one just completed! It will be mostly polish and features to be added from now until full release (which I am speculating will be around March).

Dan Dez on “Essential” Voice Chat and Psychology Based Multiplayer in his game OBEY.

[Note: This blog entry was written by a volunteer within our community to help get the word out about OBEY! Currently Avaliable Through Steam Early Access. http://store.steampowered.com/app/346970/]

It only took me a couple minutes of playing OBEY before I realized it was something totally different to anything I had played before. Here I was, a helpless bunny being held at gunpoint by a giant robot with an itchy trigger finger. As a new player, I had no choice to do what I was told.

Following directions in a video game is nothing new, but these directions were being given to me by voice from another player. He was speaking in very stern tones. It made me feel a little like he was actually pointing a gun at me and needed me to put all my valuables in the bag, It was intense.

The view from “Robosaru”

Obey Developer Dan Dez answered some questions for me on the origins of the game’s unique emphasis on voice chat.

Q: I really enjoy the Voice Chat in OBEY. How important do you think it is to the game?

A: Well in my opinion it’s essential because of my own strategy in the game.

Everyone brings their own personality to the game. Some talk more than others, but voice is the easiest way for the player in the Robot to let the other players know what they want, and how not to get killed.


Q: Would you go as far as to say that voice chat is basically required to play OBEY?

A: I wouldn’t say that, but it is definitely recommended. Some players even use silence as a strategy.

I personally think that for the best experience, voice is required, but the game is totally playable without it.


Q: At what point in development did you realize voice communication would play such a big role is the game?

 A: Very early.

We would play and talk on Skype from the very beginning.

That’s how the OBEY Skype group formed

It was the way I would play with the core group of players that were around at the time, but after I integrated voip into the game, Skype became obsolete and playing with strangers became much more convenient.


Q:  To me, OBEY feels like a digital version of the kind of game we would play on the playground in school. Was that the goal?

A: Oh Yeah! Definitely!

To me that is the future of multiplayer games. There has to be a psychological element, or it will get boring.

What is the other player’s thinking?  How can I anticipate and prevent their strategy? How many steps ahead can I go?

Without that, the game would get stale quickly. The psychological aspect is a big wildcard.

Maybe another good player has me in a real bind, but if I can convince the others to work with me or trick them somehow. I can really turn the game around.

OBEY is available as an early access title on Steam and has “Very Positive” user reviews.

Support The Game and play today! http://store.steampowered.com/app/346970/