Attention all Bostonians!

Are you a Boston-dweller?

From 11am – 12 ¬†on Thursday October 23rd, I will be showing off OBEY at a LAN party at the EF school in Brighton if you want to try it out before anyone else! ūüėÄ

Then, from 7 Р10 , all the Boston indie devs running kickstarters  and a bunch of our friends are going to be hanging out at Aeronaut Brewery in Somerville! (this is a 21 and over event)

Come say hi!




I’ve been quiet, ¬†but I have been working very hard preparing OBEY¬†to go into kickstarter mode! ūüôā

As you can see I have implemented a flamethrower.

It’s main purpose was to have a way to counter players that like to camp the door before subverting. ¬†The strategy is to¬†wait by the door until the robo player has¬†bought a dropship, bought some goodies, or killed off the other nearby players before¬†subverting! It’s a great strategy, ¬†but it should have a counter in the game. ¬†That is the flamethrower. The flamethrower can be aimed down¬†to the door and will easily incinerate anyone camping there. ¬† The drawback to the flamethrower is that it leaves charred corpses when it kills bunnies. ¬†Charred corpses are dangerous to robo because other bunnies can¬†smuggle them¬†to robo’s loading area and drop them¬†in, ¬†causing the¬†robo player to¬†incur a large¬†$ penalty. ¬† The robo player¬†can destroy the corpses though by shooting¬†them.

I think the current build is a good build to use as showcase to the press. ¬†So it is time to ramp up for kickstarter mode! ūüėÄ