Important Milestones reached

To everyone keeping an eye on OBEY… thank you!
Recently the game has hit some big milestones:

  1. Voice chat is now integrated into the game. It still has some rough edges like having it’s configuration integrated into a GUI but this is a big step for accessibility and having new players join the community without wrestling with skype or teamspeak.
  2. Sounds. For most of the life of OBEY so far it has had no sounds at all. The game probably has about 70% of it’s sounds implemented now. Of course there are lots of tweaks and optimizations left to do, but this is a big step.
  3. The latest version has smooth transitions between maps so that players are not kicked off the server after every round but are instead smoothly brought in again.  The game feels a lot more polished after this simple change.

Of course there have been many other additions and changes. But there isn’t much left now before it is ready to push for a big influx of new players 😀