I’ve been quiet,  but I have been working very hard preparing OBEY to go into kickstarter mode! 🙂

As you can see I have implemented a flamethrower.

It’s main purpose was to have a way to counter players that like to camp the door before subverting.  The strategy is to wait by the door until the robo player has bought a dropship, bought some goodies, or killed off the other nearby players before subverting! It’s a great strategy,  but it should have a counter in the game.  That is the flamethrower. The flamethrower can be aimed down to the door and will easily incinerate anyone camping there.   The drawback to the flamethrower is that it leaves charred corpses when it kills bunnies.  Charred corpses are dangerous to robo because other bunnies can smuggle them to robo’s loading area and drop them in,  causing the robo player to incur a large $ penalty.   The robo player can destroy the corpses though by shooting them.

I think the current build is a good build to use as showcase to the press.  So it is time to ramp up for kickstarter mode! 😀