OBEY on sale this week!

OBEY is on sale for under $10 through April 7th at 10:00am Pacific — for those enjoying an extended holiday weekend, or in the middle of Spring Break, it’s a great time to jump (back) in and run a few rounds with friends in a multiplayer experience unlike any other out there!

OBEY adds “Watchtowers”!

Something has been missing in OBEY: a viable way to win as a snitch!
Enter the watchtower! Watchtowers are a way that robo can reliably pay a snitch to stay put and watch for attackers. It simply drops the given autopay every 37 seconds. So now there is a way for a snitch to earn a reliable income, and possibly win if he plays his hand right.

NOTE to newer players:
Sometimes new players get frustrated when a a different player plays as a snitch, making it seemingly impossible to subvert. There are ways to counter a snitch:

  • Obtain a pointer before making a break for it. If the snitch sees you and starts pointing you out, make your own arrows in wrong places to throw robo off.
  • Subvert from behind or the side of robo, grabbing items on your way to climb robo and drop down in front of the door for an instant subvert
  • Trick robo into thinking that the snitch is about to win, and get him to kill or remove/reduce the snitch’s autopay.
  • Whisper to the snitch that you will give him major cash if he lets you subvert (use /w to type a whisper)

Other significant changes include:

  • Robo’s HUD now displays what buttons you can press when you hover over anything
  • A/D no longer change autopay directly. You have to LOOK at the feedbox you want to change, or the watchtower. Hence, you can also set different autopay on different feedboxes if a map has more than 1.
  • Added Polish and Dutch languages
  • Permanent “trophies” that will show by your name if you place in tournaments! (past winners let the me or the mods know so we can mark you with some 🙂 )
  • Tons of bug fixes and improvements!

Comprehensive changelist (v .44r0):

  • added ‘watchtower’ map element. It can be used to pay snitches, and draw them to a location.
  • added context menus for robo to help know at all times what keys do what
  • added autopay can no longer just be set with a/d, robo must now look at feedbox/watchtower and press a/d to set it
  • added different feedboxes (and watchtowers) can now have their autopay set individually
  • added reduced sensitivity/increased precision to robo mouse during zoom (feels more comfy now to zoom + look)
  • added reduced sensitivity/increased precision to pointer as you look down it’s reticle
  • added directional indicator to pointer arrows for robo, robo will now clearly see where a snitch indicates
  • added directional indicator to watchtowers for robo
  • added watchtower to all maps (note: all watchtower positions subject to balancing changes or removal)
  • added minerals to official maps
  • added cover in tributary near obeying areas & inreased feedbox distance to make it slightly easier to escape
  • added sound effects to main menu chat so you can hear if humans are typing or mentioning your name
  • added in-game hint “You have turned off the robot’s passive income!” if you press the powerplant button
  • added in-game hint “Autopay above 4 gives bunnies higher profit than you.” the first time you set > 100 autopay
  • added in-game hint “Your reign ended.” on subversion
  • added when dropship is crashing, the interior sound pitch of the engines now slowly rises
  • added when you are in a dropship and it crashes, your screen will flash white
  • added Polish language! Thank you Milord!!! ^_^
  • added Dutch language! Thank you Dannyiscool4! ^_^
  • added /scores command. It can be used to get the final score tally from a past match
  • added /tourney command. It can be used to get tallied score totals from past matches
  • added /playerid command. Prints your playerID (stored in playerPrefs.txt which is used to track your stats)
  • added /trophy mod command. It can be used to assign a special public rankings to players
  • added /ptt # mod command. A moderator can now force a client into push to talk mode
  • added /allmute # mod command. A moderator can now mute a player for everyone
  • added /allunmute # mod command. A moderator can now unmute a player for everyone
  • added /clear command. It clears the log text on the left of the screen
  • added better feedback to map author if they forget to add spawn points
  • feedboxes/powerplants no longer need to be associated to a robo. If association is not specified, nearest is used.
  • reduced default dropshipChanceToCrashMod to 8000, to make it a little easier to crash
  • fixed bug where it was possible to put emplacements on map elements like feedbox/powerplant etc
  • fixed bug where locked/passworded servers would not display correctly in the server list
  • fixed no ambient sound in tutorial
  • fixed rare bug where it was possible to have a recurring overtime with the money goal crazily rising
  • fixed bug in the tutorial where messages would stop popping up if you esc or tab out.
  • fixed bug where a server running a long time would spam the master server
  • fixed visual bug that if you put your camera inside robo it looks less broken now.
  • fixed visual bug where ghost placement indicators would sometimes not scroll at the correct speed
  • fixed bug where ghost placement indicators could show in the dropship
  • fixed bug where robo gun windup and winddown sounds would not play
  • fixed minor error generation on smoke and spark particle random seed
  • fixed minor visual bug in mine, light, and sensor placement indicators
  • fixed minor visual bug in dropship lights
  • fixed minor visual tweak on spark particles
  • fixed minor excessive flare update logging in game and tutorial
  • updated Unity to 5.5.1f1
  • updated NGUI ver to 3.11.2
  • lowered main menu music volume