Public demo in the works

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to announce the latest that’s going on with OBEY.  I am working on a FREE demo, that will be available to everyone.  Right now it is being tested among the backers.  Probably in a week or two I will put a version up on the Humble Store for sale and also give out the free version.

At first they will be the same build, but over time I will be updating the paid version adding things like in-game voice chat, sounds, alliances, environmental destruction etc!

So that’s the plan! 🙂


OBEY in the Press!

Since OBEY Kickstarter has been launched, press and YouTubers have taken an interest and have mentioned and previewed OBEY. Here are the links:

* IGM: Interviews Daniel Dez on OBEY
* IGM: OBEY Preview – Power Structures in Bunny and Turret Society
* Kickstart this: Coerce fellow bunnies to work for you in OBEY
* Indie Games: Trailer Roundup
* Cliqist: OBEY is a Robot vs. Bunny Apocalypse
* Cliqist: OBEY – Multiplayer with Cute Bunnies and a Giant Robot
* Hardcore Gamer: Fund OBEY for an Incredible Innovative Multiplayer Experience
* Fragmix: Kevin Reviews OBEY
* KSalue: OBEY Pre-Alpha Preview
* 3rd Strike: To OBEY or Not to OBEY – Steam Greenlight Campaign Launched
* The Koalition: Kickstarter Weekly: OBEY, Empyrion, and Weather Zen

Here are some videos experienced by 2 youtubers on the same playtest session:

Attention all Bostonians!

Are you a Boston-dweller?

From 11am – 12  on Thursday October 23rd, I will be showing off OBEY at a LAN party at the EF school in Brighton if you want to try it out before anyone else! 😀

Then, from 7 – 10 , all the Boston indie devs running kickstarters  and a bunch of our friends are going to be hanging out at Aeronaut Brewery in Somerville! (this is a 21 and over event)

Come say hi!




I’ve been quiet,  but I have been working very hard preparing OBEY to go into kickstarter mode! 🙂

As you can see I have implemented a flamethrower.

It’s main purpose was to have a way to counter players that like to camp the door before subverting.  The strategy is to wait by the door until the robo player has bought a dropship, bought some goodies, or killed off the other nearby players before subverting! It’s a great strategy,  but it should have a counter in the game.  That is the flamethrower. The flamethrower can be aimed down to the door and will easily incinerate anyone camping there.   The drawback to the flamethrower is that it leaves charred corpses when it kills bunnies.  Charred corpses are dangerous to robo because other bunnies can smuggle them to robo’s loading area and drop them in,  causing the robo player to incur a large $ penalty.   The robo player can destroy the corpses though by shooting them.

I think the current build is a good build to use as showcase to the press.  So it is time to ramp up for kickstarter mode! 😀

Public reactions…

On last Saturday I showed OBEY off at Boston Festival of Indie Games. I brought 5 computers and set up a LAN so people can play the game.
The response was overwhelming. And it gave me hope that I can pull off a kickstarter to finish this project.
A bunch of people told me it was their favorite game in the whole show, including some press guys.  All 5 computers were filled practically the entire time with people playing and trying out the game. About 50 people signed up for our kickstarter emailing list and a bunch of people left and came back later to play again after seeing the rest of the show. Some were absolutely glued to the game.
For the most part, people played the game using the ‘king of the hill’ strategy (basically shooting everything that moves)… except for 1 or 2 groups of players that kept playing for over 1 hour: after a while they started coercing each other. This is pretty much what I expected to happen, so it also gives me hope that the design is taking shape, too.

no that is not a phone number on my hand.  It is the true mark of a computer nerd: an IP address. (and worse, no I wasn't waving it on purpose.)

no that is not a phone number on my hand. It is the true mark of a computer nerd: an IP address. (and worse, no I wasn’t waving it on purpose.)

Fast forward to Monday where I showed OBEY at Boston Indies Demo Night at MIT to other local Boston devs and indies (after some minor bug fixes that were exposed during BostonFIG).
Again, I was glad to see people drawn to the game, and I had a lot of players considering there were maybe only 40 people in attendance, and some of them seemed to be having fun for long periods of time. But my best takeaway was some great and very specific feedback from people who know games and know design.

A very special thank you to Clever Endeavour Games for taking the above picture and for featuring me in their article!