Public demo in the works

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to announce the latest that’s going on with OBEY.  I am working on a FREE demo, that will be available to everyone.  Right now it is being tested among the backers.  Probably in a week or two I will put a version up on the Humble Store for sale and also give out the free version.

At first they will be the same build, but over time I will be updating the paid version adding things like in-game voice chat, sounds, alliances, environmental destruction etc!

So that’s the plan! 🙂


OBEY in the Press!

Since OBEY Kickstarter has been launched, press and YouTubers have taken an interest and have mentioned and previewed OBEY. Here are the links:

* IGM: Interviews Daniel Dez on OBEY
* IGM: OBEY Preview – Power Structures in Bunny and Turret Society
* Kickstart this: Coerce fellow bunnies to work for you in OBEY
* Indie Games: Trailer Roundup
* Cliqist: OBEY is a Robot vs. Bunny Apocalypse
* Cliqist: OBEY – Multiplayer with Cute Bunnies and a Giant Robot
* Hardcore Gamer: Fund OBEY for an Incredible Innovative Multiplayer Experience
* Fragmix: Kevin Reviews OBEY
* KSalue: OBEY Pre-Alpha Preview
* 3rd Strike: To OBEY or Not to OBEY – Steam Greenlight Campaign Launched
* The Koalition: Kickstarter Weekly: OBEY, Empyrion, and Weather Zen

Here are some videos experienced by 2 youtubers on the same playtest session:

Attention all Bostonians!

Are you a Boston-dweller?

From 11am – 12  on Thursday October 23rd, I will be showing off OBEY at a LAN party at the EF school in Brighton if you want to try it out before anyone else! 😀

Then, from 7 – 10 , all the Boston indie devs running kickstarters  and a bunch of our friends are going to be hanging out at Aeronaut Brewery in Somerville! (this is a 21 and over event)

Come say hi!