OBEY is a unique multiplayer action game where winning means bribing and coercing your opponents into helping you win, and making themselves lose. To win, a player must make the most money by the end of the round. To make money the fastest, you must control the Robo. This allows you to enforce your will by using deadly force, as long as you can find any misbehaving opponents hiding in the dark. However, experienced OBEY players know that it is not always in their interest to simply kill the approaching adversaries, but instead entice opponents to do their bidding... and that's where OBEY gets interesting!


The idea for what became OBEY began in 2002, when Dez graduated college. After multiple failed starts with teams, he decided to complete the project alone. After another failed start alone and a failed kickstarter after a year of work. He didn't give up. The result is a game unlike any other.


  • Unique asymetrical multiplayer gameplay mechanics
  • Social and Psychological King-of-the-hill gameplay
  • Stealth Gameplay mechanics
  • Supports user created maps
  • A buffet of items to creatively influence or trick opponents
  • A complex world that allows for almost unlimited forms of deception
  • Emergent gameplay springs from player psychology and self interest
  • Explosive effects
  • Really cool robot to control and explode bunnies with
  • No internet connection required with local LAN support
  • No micro-transactions, no BS, just a solid game.
  • DRM Free


OBEY Trailer YouTube

Short gameplay description video YouTube

OBEY Session by YouTuber: jacksepticeye YouTube

OBEY Session by YouTuber: FRAGMIX and first-time player and Twitch user Gein76 YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "1st place: GAU Studios Top 5 Indie Games of the Year 2014" Boston, 20 January, 2015

Selected Articles

  • "Simply put, OBEY is one of, if not the best, multiplayer games I've ever had the pleasure of experiencing."
    - Sean Flint,
  • "The great video game OBEY is a social experiment: To what degree are players willing to act against their own will in order to prevent somebody else's victory?"
    - Achim Fehrenbach, Zeit Online
  • "Like a good indie game should, OBEY breaks the mold and defies typical video game genre classification. It’s both a compelling, metaphorical social experiment and an immensely fun time..."
    - Corey Atwood, Bago Games
  • "...this is a tense, fast-paced King of the Hill-type encounter where the balance of power is constantly shifting and is not always in the hands of the only person with actual weaponry. Playing into the overlord’s hand can be more lucrative than attempting to constantly subvert, creating a bizarre and uncomfortably totalitarian-feeling experience"
    - Julian Aidan, Hardcore Gamer
  • "As games for the most part have clearly defined player interactions, be they competitive or cooperative, [OBEY] plays with participants’ self-interests like few games do...The game has players interact as helpless bunnies, but it’s much more complex than it looks."
    - Luke Siuty, Indie Game Mag
  • "[the] mechanics help foster multiplayer dynamics that are amazing to watch unfold... Although there may be other games out there that foster such gameplay, I have definitely never played one before."
    - Marcus Estrada, Cliqist
  • " This clever interplay makes for a truly unique multiplayer experience, feeling like a bizarre social experiment at times"
    - Calum Fraser, Alpha Beta Gamer
  • "OBEY is one of the most creative and innovative games I have played"
    - Sean Flint, Load the Game
  • "...there’s more to OBEY than meets the eye."
    - Vinny Parisi, Indie Game Mag
  • "OBEY is truly a magnificent game."
    - Drydwen, 3rd-Strike
  • "Impressive game, especially considering it's made by one guy (Daniel Dez)"
    - Richard Atlas, Clever Endeavour Games

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The Lo-Fi Apocalypse, Inc. is a one man game studio in Boston. Founded in 2005 by DEZ.

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